Apple is reportedly working on an Apple Car similar to Tesla

Apple is reportedly working with supply chain partner TSMC on an autonomous vehicle chip for a "pple Car" that is said to be similar to a Tesla.

Technology giant Cupertino's big project is thought to be focused on developing technology to facilitate self-driving cars, but other reports suggest that Apple may be developing its own vehicle as well.

On Wednesday, DigiTimes announced that Apple is working with TSMC, or Taiwan's Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, on self-driving chip technology.

It goes on to claim that the two companies have set up plans for a plant to produce chips for the Apple Car in the US, and are currently negotiating upstream and downstream supplies in the automotive electronics supply chain.

Taiwan-based media also added that "the Apple Car model is similar to Tesla", but did not say anything more about what that means.

DigiTimes has a mixed history of accurate Apple information.